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Welcome to Waniya Prime

Waniya prime Pvt. Ltd., which started its operations in the year 2019, is now becoming a leading direct selling company dealing in wellness products. Waniya prime is constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every month. The growth rate in itself speaks volumes about the quality of the products, the marketing plan and the management that has been able to deliver such a rewarding and sustainable system. Waniya prime is constantly expanding its product range to introduce innovative products every time,Waniya prime believes in empowering its members with the opportunity to lead their lives on their own terms. With the motto of spreading Wealth, i.e. spreading wealth through wellness, Waniya prime has continued to enrich the lives of everyone who is a part of the company and those who believe in its products. WANIYA PRIME formerly known as BEAUITY PRIME Enterprise began as a promise – to provide superior quality products in cosmetics and toiletries to the leading marketing and distribution conglomerates in the country and Internationally too. Over time that promise has turned into a guarantee and the small supply firm has morphed into a multifaceted company spanning across boundaries. Our name is now equated with an assurance of superlative quality products and services. Apart from having conquered the domestic market in just 3 decades, WANIYA PRIME enjoys the status of Government of India Recognized Export House in cosmetics and toiletries sector with footprints in most major countries of Europe, USA, Africa, Russia and the Middle East. This exponential growth can only be attributed to the company’s core values of quality, punctuality and integrity. Thanks to tireless efforts of the management, dedicated and loyal employees and an unbending adherence to the values of quality and service we have constantly grown with the needs of our customers, stayed ahead of the market curve and expanded our base all over the world.

"Waniya Prime having Product Range varies from Daily Consumable to Luxury fixtures."

We are engrossed and purposes to extract maximum value for a product or service to a customer at best price by leveraging on our sales network across urbran and rural India We have Direct Selling methodology for the purpose of marketing of the available products and services through the web portal.

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Our Vision

Create a community of happy customers instead of just focusing on marketing and advertising.

To help people live a life of economic independence on their own terms.

Empowering People to enhance their Lifestyle by helping them to achieve their Ambitions in Life in Style. That is Why our motto says "It's Waniya Prime".

Our Mission

To fight against unemployment.

To grow to a global scale and become the benchmark in direct selling

To design, modernise with time, our direct selling shopping models to pave a smooth path of success for our distributors. B Prime aims at providing products and services, that exceedingly fit on quality barometer and is economical on the cost front. By doing so, we will also address our social responsibility to the society as well.

CEO Desk

Hello Everyone,

As I look at the growth over the years since our inception in 2011, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future. We have started with our vision Empowering People to enhance their Lifestyle by helping them to achieve their Ambitions in Life in Style. That is why our motto says "WANIYA PRIME" and to create a business where the customer comes first. We’ve strived every day to meet this vision, and to build our team with this mantra always in mind.